West Coast F-Bodies

Next Meeting Date: Friday, Feb. 20th, 2009

Since Ricky & Ronnie's Cruise-In Diner has closed, WCFB is going to try something new. This third Friday, on Feb. 20, we are going to meet at the Torrance Crossroads located in Torrance, CA. There is an In-N-Out there we can eat at, and afterwards we are planning to head to Gable House Bowl to enjoy some evening activites.

We'd love for everyone/anyone to join us and we hope to see everyone there as we ring in the new year with our first meeting of 2009!

Ricky and Ronnie's Cruise-In Diner

So apparently R&R's has decided to close up shop for good, leaving many clubs without a meeting spot. This effects us as well, and we are postponing meetings for the time being until we can find a suitable meeting place.

In the meantime, for upcoming information and news keep checking the message board. There will be a new meetings section going up so we can discuss issues and keep everyone informed of events and car shows! Happy Holidays everyone and in case we don't see you, a Happy New Year as well...

Hey! What happened to West Coast F-Bodies website?

October 2009

Don’t worry folks, its just a little re-organization of our structure...and while we’re at it, a site redesign as well - which should be up shortly. You can see a sneak preview of it on these windows and the greyed out area to the right of here.

Rest assured that our normal website operation will be back up and running as quick as we can make it happen. In the meantime, sit back and watch us transform our site!

If you have any questions about West Coast F-Bodies or the website, feel free to contact us at info@wcfb.cc anytime, day or night!

Next Meeting Date:

In-N-Out Diner,
Torrance Crossroads